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batwing_evolutionMagic Potion:  Eye of newt, wing of bat, tears of Freshmen…it goes something like that.

I worked on new and improved bat features for my new race car incarnation.  The first car was received with mediocre enthusiasm and then destroyed by our cat.  In fact, the cat showed more enthusiasm for my first cardboard creation than anyone else in the family, thus ensuring his status as Most Favored Mammal in our household.batwings

The bat wing process took longer than I expected with a few false starts that finally gained momentum when I began drawing first and cutting later.  This might seem like an obvious work-flow order, but Dammit Jim, I’m a computer scientist not an engineer!

Several Batman enthusiasts (a.k.a. Batfans) were surveyed and I went with the overwhelming majority (if a sample population of three can actually be called a majority).  The favorite was the wing outlined in Sharpie.

I made paper templates from the final bat wing choice, and cut them out of cardboard.  Now, we’re ready to re-build some axle and wheel assemblies.  Then, the chassis re-build with straws, hot glue, and skewers.  OH and magic.  Lots of magic.





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