Troubleshooting the D20

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So, I can get the d20 to power up.  It boots the Trinket Pro and goes through the program and announces “Greetingaming_d20-schematicgs, Adventurer!”.  That tells me the power, code, sound files, sound board, amplifier card, speaker, and the Trinket Pro are working just fine.  But, when rolled,nothing is announced.  That’s where the accelerometer is supposed to kick in and detect which axis is facing up, trigger an event from the code to announce which numerical face is showing on the die. The only thing that happens is a little red led lights up on the Trinket Pro.

I double-checked the wiring to make sure I hadn’t soldered something wrong but it matches the wiring diagram.

glueing_switchSo, now I’m at a loss.  I glued in the switch and clamped it to dry so it’ll stay inside the little notch made for it inside the 3d-printed cavity in the die.

For now, I will bring it to class and demo it but I am going to get to the bottom of why it’s not working.  I am using the latest version of this accelerometer board, and I suspect it might be better to use the older one previous to this one.  Another possibility is that I might just have a bad board.  It happens occasionally according to what I’ve read on the customer support forums.  Anyway, it’s in good shape for a class demo and something for me to chase down in the next few weeks after graduation!



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