That Scintillating Post on Glue

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Yes, it’s that scintillating post on glue that you’ve all been waiting for.  I know, I know it’s exciting stuff.  Now calm down and be sure you have a bottle of acetone on hand in case of accidents.  It’s really hard to drive to the drug store to get some if you have already glued your fingers together.

Not that it’s ever happened to me.


Not exactly.

Well, it wasn’t ALL of my fingers. It was a long time ago.  Let’s talk about something else.


Anyway.  Acetone is a good thing to have on hand.  No pun intended.

It is a good solvent for some really serious adhesives.  For my d20 project I used rare earth magnets which are very powerful and need to be kept in place with some equally powerful glue or they would pull themselves right out of their sockets.  JB Weld is a popular choice, but not a good one for magnets since it contains metallic particles.  Epoxy is a popular choice but I don’t want to mess around with mixing and waiting.  Yes, I really am that impatient.

The instructions from Adafruit recommended using E6000 and it was in my local craft store so it was an easy choice.  I used it outside because of the dire warnings and health risks.  Ew.glue_magnets

It worked well, and I let it cure for the recommended 24 hours.  Two pairs of rare earth magnets are aligned in their sockets and hold the die together perfectly!


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