Textile Circuit Project

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For the circuit challenge I chose a textile project.  I’ve never been big on textile projects and possessing only rudimentary sewing skills was a good reason to stay away from wearables.  It was the little tiny LEDs that got me in the end.  How could I resist their siren call?  Those little tiny lights with built-in holes meant to be sewn into circuits with conductive thread.  Alluring.


After rummaging around in the materials tub and scrounging up some matching pink LEDs, I set to work assembling the rest of the parts: battery, battery holder, beads, a snap, felt backing, and conductive thread.  I used an example crafted by our Assistant Librarian, Caitlyn.   I successfully sewed a complete circuit with only one problem.  It was complete without needing the snap ends to make contact.



So, back to Caitlyn’s example to figure out where I went wrong.  I ended up drawing out her circuit and mine to compare them and figure out what to re-route in mine with the least amount of sewing.  Yes, I’m lazy like that.

I worked it out, pulled out some stitching and sewed in a few new places and it worked!  The conductive thread is really rough, as well as rather stiff and brittle so I over-sewed the snap ends and battery holder with regular purple thread and used this same thread to sew in some beads to complete the bracelet.

Here is the finished product!

beads               finished

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