“Tell Us What You’re Working On…”

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A.K.A. How I Landed A Critical Hit With My d20

In a week or so, I’ll have my second Bachelor’s degree.  It’s in Computer Science.  Last semester I finished a minor in Geospatial Analysis and earned my certificate after defending my thesis.  My first Bachelor’s degree was in biology and I’ve enjoyed an interesting career working in a variety of areas in the field.  I’ve managed people and projects and have a lot of work experience and a really full resume to show for it.

Lots of education.  Lots of work experience.

So, at a recent job interview they wanted to know what I was currently working on in a “hands-on” sense.  I told them about the talking d20 which really captured their interest.  It turns out, they use embedded systems and program almost exclusively on Arduinos. My talking die uses an Adafruit Trinket which is basically an Arduino so I accidentally hit the nail on the head.

They made me an offer, which I’ve accepted.

I think it was the ability to explain the project, coupled with the fact that it was similar to their technology that won me the offer that day.

Big thanks to Rosemary Arneson for making this course just in time for me to come along and land a job because of it!


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