Soldering The D20

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Before soldering, the instructions recommended reaming out the mounting holes on the circuit boards because they are going to be screwed into the die halves with pan-head machine screws, which is a little unorthodox for this type of project. I had never used a tap and die tool before so it was neat to learn how to make a threaded hole in something and it actually worked!  The screws turned very smoothly when I put everything inside the die halves and screwed it all together.

After reaming out the mounting holes I began soldering all the connections for the circuit boards.

solder2 solder1 solder3

Here’s the video, showing the completed circuit boards all soldered together.  It works!

Well, maybe. It powers up, and runs the code because it makes the announcement “Greetings, Adventurer!”  But when the thing is moved, the accelerometer isn’t detecting the movement and a red led lights up on the Pro Trinket board.  So, something’s not right there.

I’m going to take it apart and troubleshoot the wiring to and from the accelerometer and see what’s up. I will check the wiring diagram in the instructions and hope that it’s something there because I think it would be easy to fix.

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