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Snowed in and no access to the ThinkLab where the 3D printers are…what to do, what to do.  I got two neat kits for Christmas, one requires soldering and one does not.  We haven’t had our soldering tutorial yet and since it’s been 35 years since I soldered anything, I went for the simpler kit.  It’s The Useless Machine from the fine folks at MakerShed.

The first thing you do is take the motor and screw it into a housing along with the circuit board that will run the thing.

step 1

A tiny little piece broke off while tightening a side-inserted screw and bolt.  Turns out it wasn’t that important, but I sweated it until the end.

Next, came the clear plastic armature.  The hole for this was too small, so I used my little knife and enlarged it a bit to slide it on the motor.

step 2

Now it’s ready for mounting inside the box.  Peeling the protective coating on the box pieces is very satisfying for some weird reason.

step 3

Next, screw the motor assembly into the bottom panel of the box, Velcro in the battery box.

step 4

Add the batteries and connect the power to the motor.

step 5

Now is a good time to make sure everything works, so we can fix it while we still have open access to all the components.  It works fine!

step 8.5

OOOOOOOOH!  More peeling.  I love the peeling.

step 9

Here’s the final product.  Everyone should have a Useless Machine!

All in all, a nice way to spend a snowy afternoon on my first kit.  It was a nice way to make something without having access to a lab, or 3D printers, or other fancy equipment.  Fun!

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    1. Quinntero Post author

      Thanks! Members of my family had only a mediocre reaction to the color-changing LED. Tough audience.


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