Learning to Solder

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Hakko-FX-888D-Digital-Soldering-StationI got a soldering station for Christmas. In fact, I have the exact same model pictured.  It’s supposed to be a pretty nice one with lots of watts and good temperature control with an internal thermostat to help keep it up at the right temperature so it doesn’t bleed off too much heat when you touch the tip to the components. I haven’t soldered anything in over 30 years, but I remember it being fun, and definitely something that required practice to do well.  In fact, it is one of the big things I want to get out of my DGST 201 class in terms of learning and mastering skills.   My D20 project will require quite a lot of soldering, so the next step for me is always to hit the internet and see what helpful info/guides/tutorials I can accumulate.  Here we go:

Oh, and it turns out the type of solder you use is important as well, so here’s some more good info:

So, I’m going to watch these tutorials to prep for the upcoming week in class. Professor Arneson mentioned that there were some beginner soldering kits in the ThinkLab, so I’m hoping to get into some real practice this week!











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