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For our next build assignment, which is a Cardboard Challenge, I’ve decided to build a Cardboard Racer.  It’ll basically be a cardboard body car with some wheels I’ve scavenged from some plastic drink bottles.

I think I can use wooden skewers for the axles, and some plastic straws for supporting struts.  I really want to power it with a rubber band, and I’ve accumulated some tutorials here to help with the building:

No single tutorial has exactly what I want to make, so I’ll be cherrypicking some highlights from each of them to end up with my final vision. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to keep the wheels on the axles, so that’s what I’m working on first.  I have a new glue gun, so I’m feeling like this is a good project for breaking it in.

Stay tuned for pics as I continue to assemble my parts and scavenge or salvage my way to cardboard glory!

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