Cardboard Challenge: Batmobile

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It’s finished!  My macaroni and cheese box cardboard creation!

chassisThe box is the main body, and I used straws for the chassis.  Bamboo skewers are the axles and struts, and the wheels are Tampico drink lids.  My daughter donated the elastic loom bands for the power.

axleI found a YouTube tutorial for rubber band cars where they glued a wooden piece on to the axle to hook the rubber band, but it wasn’t strong enough and kept breaking off.  I made a hook out of a paper clip and hot glued it to the rear axle and it works MUCH better.

You can add Play-doh to the inside rims of the wheels for added weight which translates into greater distance.  I also added an elastic loom band around each wheel to help give them some traction.  I added cardboard bat fins and a windshield to make it seem more car-like.paint

A coat of black spray paint and then waiting around for what seemed like forever for it to dry.  Hot glue to connect the body to the straw chassis and it’s ready to roll!  My spray painting skills leave a lot to be desired, and it got a little drippy, but I don’t think my son is going to be bothered by that at all.

Here’s the finished product:batmobile

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