To Bold Go Where Known Has Gone Before a.k.a. ds106 Week 2 Summary

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Weekly Assignment: Summarize an episode using animated .GIFs

I spent a couple of hours fiddling around with various programs trying to figure out how to make animated .GIFs with the software I already have.  Although I still believe it’s possible, I finally got serious about time and used MPEG Streamclip to grab the pieces I wanted and export them into GIMP as .JPG layers. The first one took a LONG time, but it got better and faster with practice. I’d like to experiment further and make a really solid continuous loop, which I think can be done by copying frames in reverse to make it seamless. I made sure they were in full size so they’d run when embedded in my blog post.  My kids enjoyed watching “Mommy make movies”, even though there weren’t any Disney princesses involved.

Daily Creates:

These are going to be the death of me unless I rein in the amount of time I want to spend on them.  This issue was discussed at our WireLunch on Friday, and apparently I’m not alone in this problem. They are a lot of fun to do, but I’m realizing each one cannot become a magnum opus.

TDC – create a logo: “It Said ‘Logo’, Not ‘Lego'”

TDC – create a transit map: “The Kessel Run”

TDC – create a map of the internet: “Here Be Dragons”

TDC – create a game mash-up: “Dungeons & Dreidls”


I installed Known in a subdomain within my account, chose a theme, changed the look of things a bit, staged and took a picture of a lot of wires on my workbench, and made a new background for the mini-site.  Then I tried a comment posting that included linked URLs and an animated .GIF from someone else’s site to really give Known a test.  It did not post my Tweet verbatim, but instead re-formatted it to only include the title of the original post and a link to it.  Not really as cool an outcome as I’d been anticipating.  Sort’ve left me feeling “meh”.  It did post on the Wire Known Hub, but because it feels like the real center of the Wire106 universe is in “The Flow”, I was left feeling “meh” again. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I’m not getting what Known is going to do that will be better, faster, or more streamlined.  I don’t like that it changed my Twitter poast, probably because I’m a bit of a control freak and like to be in charge of what I put out there for public consumption. I’m interested to see what comes out of this week with other folks using Known, so I can gauge their reactions to its usefulness.

Based on Professor Groom’s recommendation, I installed Akismet and Jetpack as well.  Smooth sailing there, and wow, I’m surprised at all the spam comments that are getting scooped up and dumped. Nice work, plug-ins. Keep it up and you’re getting updated for sure.


I re-watched the final episodes of Season 1 and it was much more pleasant viewing this time, already knowing how things turn out.  Less worrying about if the car was going off the cliff, and more time to enjoy the scenery on the way to the edge. The whole “dope on the table” thing was really an eye-opener as the viewer realizes it’s McNulty-style motivation on a bigger level, higher up the chain of command.  The brass aren’t interested in really solving cases or cleaning up the city’s crime, or protecting or serving.  They are interested in advancing their careers through the publicity that a big case brings, with the press snapping photos of the pile of dope bags on the table. Just like McNulty had explained that it was never about the Barksdale group, it was about himself. Even in the hospital, the top brass were more concerned with their image than of offering any words of consolation to Greggs’ girlfriend.

The ray of hope with Bubbles getting clean is a mirror opposite of the sinking feeling I got when Wallace returned to Baltimore to try and pick up where he left off.  He just put on a red shirt and told Captain Kirk that he was volunteering for the landing party. Not a good career move.

I found myself wanting a prequel to answer the questions that are starting to pop into my mind during these second and third viewings of episodes.

Might as well start a Prequel Wishlist, so here goes:

  • Where did Omar get that scar?
  • Who ran things before the Barksdales took over and how did they take over? What was their strategy?
  • Do they keep all that money in the safe? No banks?
  • Does Stringer Bell have as much homework as I do? Probably not, he’s not taking DS106.
  • Did the Barksdales have an HQ prior to setting up at Orlando’s?
  • Who was responsible for coming up with the pager system and the pay phone code for calling?
  • What was the shady thing that Daniels was involved in years ago?
  • How did Daniels and Mrs. Daniels meet?  They seem like they’re from different worlds, so there must be a story there.


It was really nice to match people with their online projects and also helpfully validating to realize they were having similar struggles with time, families, time, projects, homework, and time. I think they’re going to name the next new burrito item on the menu after Jim Groom.

Good week!





One Response to “To Bold Go Where Known Has Gone Before a.k.a. ds106 Week 2 Summary

  1. Paul

    I see Known as an experimental thing. We’re all figuring it out as we go, and one way or another it will be a learning experience. The cool thing is we’re doing it as a group, so we can put our heads together.

    I like the prequel wish list. You might be able to use some of those ideas before we’re through. Another great week.


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