The Wired Child – A Brainstormed Radio Show

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I keep seeing what I think of as “young” themes of childlike elements recurring in episodes of “The Wire”. Maybe it’s child-like innocence? Maybe it’s an innocence that’s lost, or wistfully hoped for but never attained in our view into inner city Baltimore.

My vision for an audio project is a radio show episode of “The Wire” tying together some of these “young” themes. I’d like to have the haunting sounds of Omar whistling “Farmer in the Dell” perhaps as an opener.  Gregg’s version of “Goodnight Moon” is powerful too, so I’d definitely want that in there, but maybe not at the end because that feels too predictable. Background noises of children playing in the courtyard of the projects is a must-have for this soundscape.

I can also see adding in sound bites of other series’ characters to represent characters from “The Wire”, such as:

Southpark’s Cartman as Rawls – “Respect mah authoritay!”

Southpark’s Chef as Proposition Joe


The Simpson’s Mayor Quimby as Clay Davis, Bart as Bodie, the list could go on and on.

Easter eggs like Marge Simpson’s quote “Mid-Atlantic?  That’s where they filmed ‘The Wire’!” and Family Guy’s Peter talking about Breaking Bad and The Wire might even make it into the radio show.  Who knows?


5 responses to “The Wired Child – A Brainstormed Radio Show

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  2. Maggie Stough

    I really love this idea of youth and innocence and bringing in other cartoons to represent various characters! I think it might be really cool to juxtapose the violence of the show with the innocence of cartoons (although South Park and some other cartoons aren’t very innocent). Maybe you could reenact a scene using clips from cartoons or something?


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