“Make Comments, Dammit!”

3 Comments on “Make Comments, Dammit!”

I had never heard of an empathy map before doing this daily create.  It was more fun when I got into it and played around in Photoshop with the chat and thought bubbles.  I didn’t have a really great one for “hearing” so I used the jagged-edged bubble that’s probably supposed to be used for shouting. Everywhere I look I see something I could use in class, and my mental to-do list just keeps piling up.  I seesaw back and forth between “Can I do this?” and “I can do this”, and every night I hear Jim Groom in my sleep now, hollering for more comments.


3 responses to ““Make Comments, Dammit!”

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  2. Imran Ahmed

    That’s a good one and I love the title XD Make comments dammit haha but awesome job on it! Just an awesome catchy title!


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