Fearful Symmetry

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carl_tigerCarl felt the tiger’s hot breath on his face and smelled its fetid breath as it snarled at him.  He kicked it as hard as he could, but the tiger’s claws tore into his flesh and shredded his clothing. His legs became tangled among his ruined clothing, and suddenly realized he was barefoot as he continued to feebly kick at his relentless attacker.

Flashes of recent memory flared up in his adrenaline-addled mind, and his mind’s eye reviewed disjointed snapshots of his last few hours as if flashing through a slideshow at breakneck speed.  Trouble was, he couldn’t remember how he’d gotten into this mess.  He scooted backwards on the ground, his eyes never leaving those of his striped opponent, its eyes burning brightly against the dark background of the surrounding forest as it stalked him, snarling.

“How did I get here?  What’s happening to me?” he wondered as his panicky mind skipped over his most recent memories in confusion.

Just at that moment, his alarm clock went off and he sat up in bed, shaky and sweating.  Mr. Fluffykins purred, and playfully batted at his toes, gnawing at them and asking in his nicest manner for some breakfast.



Behind the Scenes:

When I read this Daily Create assignment, William Blake’s poem “The Tiger” came to mind.  You know the one, “Tiger, tiger burning bright…”. Anyway, I thought of how my cats like to wake me up in the morning, and how they often pounce on my toes under the bedsheets when they get impatient. So, that was the inspiration for the story, and the title comes from Blake’s poem.



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