1000th Mission Moonwalk: TDC Hits 1,000!!

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Here’s my mash-up daily create to celebrate the power of 1000 as The Daily Create hits 1,000 assignments, using images from the first, tenth and one hundredth TDCs:


Our internaut is on the 1,000th moonwalk TDC mission, and he’s looking down at the number 100 left behind in the moondust at his feet, from TDCs of yesteryear.  You can see paver stones showing where the moondust has been brushed away, and our work crew is in the background getting ready to sweep it all back to cover up the underlying infrastructure of all the TDCs of the past.  Everyone knows it’s all a big hoax and these moonwalks were filmed in a Hollywood studio. His 1,000th moonwalk mission is commemorated by the red number “1000” on the cuff of his spacesuit.  Who knows what the moonscape will look like when the 10,000th TDC comes along?

I took the following images and overlayed them in Photoshop, using blending to make them transparent against the main focus, which was my internaut doing his moonwalk.

Image credits:

Paver Pattern from andessurvivor – from TDC1 assignment







mooncrew from Norm Wright – from TDC10 assignment


It’s the 100th Daily Create from Rowan Peter – from TDC100 assignment





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