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1 Comment on Done on the Docks – Ziggy’s Goose is Cooked

Season 2: Episodes 9, 10, 11

Episode 9

I must’ve messed up last week and watched/summarized Episode 9 too early, so here is that summary, re-copied for convenience. New content for Episodes 10 and 11 follows.

Stringer’s lecture to Bodie about “you gotta show some flex” for the give and take of the situation is delivered in typical Stringer-style when he’s talking to subordinates: hands behind his back.

The barge catching the tossed guns earned a chuckle...

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3 Comments on Thingen Werken und Stuffen: The Design of Things Photoblitz

After reading The Vignelli Canon, Tim Owen’s “We Are All Artists” statement and links, and listening to the Groom/Owens interview + talk, I felt well-armed to tackle Design Week.

Tim Owens’ statement “The Mozarts are over here and the factory workers are over here” really resonated with me. I’ve never considered myself an artist, but I’ve always appreciated art and enjoyed making things or taking things and adding to them to make them function differently...

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1 Comment on Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon

vignelliI appreciated his insight into re-designing logos and branding for companies. His approach was to do a “light re-touch” or freshening up rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Logos that have been in the public awareness for decades, if they’ve made a positive impression, should continue to connect with their audience if not completely re-invented.

The section on paper sizes and printing layouts was interesting and I found myself wondering...

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1 Comment on It’s All In the Sound, Yo

Thoughts on the Jen Ralston Interview with Jim Groom and Paul Bond

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How lucky we were to have instructors able to land such a great interview!  I really like the honesty of Jen Ralston’s comments regarding how sound editing is under-appreciated and she ...

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2 Comments on “Omar Back” — “Who’s Omar?”

I think some of the very best quotes of Season 2 come out of Episodes 3, 4, and 5.   Lester’s clothing being characterized as “tweedy impertinence” by Landsman is worthy of a chuckle. Stringer saying “I’m an XL” is the essence of his ego.  My all-time favorites are Beadie Russel in Episode 4 asking “Who’s Omar?” when she hears Bunk and Lester talking because it pairs so nicely with Omar himself announcing “…Omar back” in Episode 3.

Over the course of Episodes 3...

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5 Comments on The Wired Child – A Brainstormed Radio Show

I keep seeing what I think of as “young” themes of childlike elements recurring in episodes of “The Wire”. Maybe it’s child-like innocence? Maybe it’s an innocence that’s lost, or wistfully hoped for but never attained in our view into inner city Baltimore.

My vision for an audio project is a radio show episode of “The Wire” tying together some of these “young” themes...

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I just turned in the final paper due for this semester,  a full day before the deadline because the professor said in his email “I will look more favorably upon papers that are turned in BEFORE the Friday deadline”.


That means you’ve just thrown down the gauntlet and made the deadline Thursday instead of Friday.

I accept your challenge, Dr. Professor.

So, that means the only thing in front of me are final exams next week...

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