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No Comments on Bubbles: Reflections

NOTE:  This was a creative writing assignment.  I have not nor will I ever be a pole-dancer.  Seriously, people.

Hi there friends!

Just an update on what’s been happening this last year for me.  Soon things are going to get real busy around here and I wanted to catch everyone up while I had a few moments.

I can’t believe it was just a short time ago that I was working at Orlando’s as a pole-dancer...

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No Comments on First Time in London for Bubbles

I did the assignment “Create Your Dream Vacation” where you imagine your vacation and put it together on Pinterest.  Never having an account there before meant I had no experience at all with “pinning” things onto a virtual bulletin board.

Since this is becoming material for my character who is on her first trip to London, it was ideal for finding some of the main landmarks like Big Ben and the Tower of London...

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1 Comment on Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

I did the design assignment “Let’s See Some ID” to create this image that I’m going to use as a component in my final project. This is a rendering of a fictitious airplane ticket from Baltimore Washington Airport to London’s Heathrow Airport.  I downloaded an image for an old plane ticket and using Photoshop, I erased the names and airports and typed in my own for use in my final project.

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No Comments on Moving On

The Visual Assignment “Before and After” is about combining the past and present into a single image.  I chose to do that with an image in a rear view mirror (that I placed there with the help of Photoshop).  Here we have someone looking forward to what is down the road in the future of their chosen path, and the image of what was in their past appearing in the rear view mirror.  The future path through the windshield is blurry and unclear.


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3 Comments on The Wire: Downton Shabby


The Wire: Downton Shabby is a British period drama set in fictional Yorkshire, England in the early 21st century on the estate of the eighth Earl of Baltimore, Avon Barksdale. The series depicts the lives of the aristocratic Barksdale family and their servants as they experience great events in history that effect their lives and those of the British social hierarchy...

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