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No Comments on Bubbles: Reflections

NOTE:  This was a creative writing assignment.  I have not nor will I ever be a pole-dancer.  Seriously, people.

Hi there friends!

Just an update on what’s been happening this last year for me.  Soon things are going to get real busy around here and I wanted to catch everyone up while I had a few moments.

I can’t believe it was just a short time ago that I was working at Orlando’s as a pole-dancer...

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No Comments on Tutorial: Legit I.D.

Uh oh, you’ve been asked for some I.D. and depending upon your circumstances, you may need to craft something together for your story character in a hurry.  First, you’ll want to start with an example to use as a template within whatever your character exists.  You may want a labor union card, passport, driver’s license, library card, or whatever.  See if you can find one by searching images in Google for the state or municipality in which your character lives...

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No Comments on Postcards from the Hedge

This is “Postcards from the Past” for a writing assignment to further the story for my character this semester. My re-imagined Bubbles is a retired pole dancer who used to work at Orlando’s Gentleman’s club in Baltimore.  She began working as a confidential informant for Kima Greggs, a detective on the Baltimore Police Department, and eventually straightened up her act with some help from Kima.

Now she’s in E...

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No Comments on Dark Days – Notes on S4:E 8, 9, 10

Episode 8 “Corner Boys” – “We got our thing, but it’s just part of the big thing.” Zenobia

Ahhh, poor Fuzzy Dunlop is getting blamed for providing bad intel.

Colvin pointing out to the kids in the classroom that it’s their training ground for the corners later on and that it’s a safe environment for them to practice without guns and police is a real eye-opener.

Bunk is doing real investigative work trying to get to the bottom of the framing of Omar.

Carcetti is o...

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No Comments on Prezbo’s Game – Notes on S4:E 5,6,7

Season 4 – Episodes 5, 6, 7 Notes

Episode 5 – “Alliances”

Kids sitting around telling zombie stories and scaring each other about Chris Partlow.  They casually identify the caliber of gunfire in the background, and THAT’S the scary part for me.

Prez has a sticker system for classroom rewards. Colvin wants to group the “stoop kids” from the “corner kids”, which sounds a little like his centralization program in Hamsterdam.

The police attempt to ...

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2 Comments on Inspired: Harris’ App Icon

I was inspired by Ien Harris’ creation of an icon for an application on a smart phone or other electronic device.  His original blog post is here.

This is a neat piece of work that involves simplicity and minimalism, and can still convey the idea of the functionality of the application. It needs to be discernible when it’s small enough to be a tiny little icon on your smart phone, and still be recognizable from the other app icons on your little screen.

It’s pe...

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1 Comment on Inspired: Mahone’s Mouzone Movin’ On

I was inspired by LaKisha Mahone’s design work earlier in the semester where she put together a “Where Are They Now” type of fan magazine piece on the actor/characters from “The Wire”.  Her original blog post is here.


I like the idea of the characters/actors continuing on and they’re being followed and photographed as if in a fan magazine. The tme and effort taken on the research to find updated images of the actors is appreciated...

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1 Comment on A Whole Lotta Learnin’ Goin’ On

Season 3, Episodes 8, 9, 10

I totally love that the drug dealer in Hamsterdam wants to file a police report on a theft.  How quickly perception changes as people adapt to their circumstances!

Lester Freamon appreciates the discipline it takes to drive 200 miles on a cell phone purchasing expedition every few weeks. If he only knew what that girl in the car was like, he’d have an entirely new and even deeper appreciation.

Carver is becoming a city manager and soc...

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1 Comment on Look, Listen, Analyze: Lamar Is Lost

Season 3, Episode 10 opening scenes with Brother Mouzone “Reformation”

“We are in Baltimore, Lamar. Baltimore, Maryland.” I love Brother Mouzone’s intensity, and the clarity with which he delivers his lines.  Each consonant is as precise as the knot on his bow tie.  He is crisp, clean, and clear in his convictions and his purpose. The cadence of his speech is very measured with distinct pauses between words.

I think it’s interesting he drives his own ...

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No Comments on Thoughts on Lang’s M

We know it’s a poor living situation because the walls are dirty, and the women are taking in laundry as their work. Well-dressed wealthy people are waiting outside the school for their kids.  People that take in laundry can’t take time off work to do that.

We know there’s a sense of anticipation because the woman is looking at the clock and sets the table with a great deal of care, laying the napkin in its napkin-ring just so next to the soup bowl...

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