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No Comments on Video Essay – Discovering Omar

For the video essay assignment I chose Season 1 Episode 5 for analysis because it’s where we see Omar become established as a power player.  He’s in everyone’s business, he knows what is going on, and he knows which drug dealers he can stick up and exactly when the stash is full.


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1 Comment on “The Pager” Swede

YouTube is doing something funky with a “warping” kind of effect that I can’t figure out, but here it is.  I think I’ll try uploading to Vimeo next time and see if that improves things.

I went with Season 1 Episode 5 “The Pager” for the Swede video assignment since it’s one of my favorite episodes overall.   I need to get better at polishing the transitions between scenes, but for a first effort I’m pleased at how it turned out...

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No Comments on Range of Emotions

This is an odd assignment, if viewed out of context.  I look  like I’m off some meds.  Oh well.  Let the blackmailing begin.  Here it is:

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1 Comment on Vote Clay Davis

He’s a man of the people.  He’s also a man of few words.  Really.  VERY few words.  Here they are:

Ha ha, loads of fun on this video assignment.  I hadn’t seen a supercut video before stumbling across this assignment and it was a lot of fun picking out scenes and trimming them down in order to get the effect.  There’s one spot where I clipped him as he ended a sentence with “I took another” and then he launches into a new scene with “SHHHHEEEEE….”...

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1 Comment on Look, Listen, Analyze: Lamar Is Lost

Season 3, Episode 10 opening scenes with Brother Mouzone “Reformation”

“We are in Baltimore, Lamar. Baltimore, Maryland.” I love Brother Mouzone’s intensity, and the clarity with which he delivers his lines.  Each consonant is as precise as the knot on his bow tie.  He is crisp, clean, and clear in his convictions and his purpose. The cadence of his speech is very measured with distinct pauses between words.

I think it’s interesting he drives his own ...

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No Comments on Thoughts on Lang’s M

We know it’s a poor living situation because the walls are dirty, and the women are taking in laundry as their work. Well-dressed wealthy people are waiting outside the school for their kids.  People that take in laundry can’t take time off work to do that.

We know there’s a sense of anticipation because the woman is looking at the clock and sets the table with a great deal of care, laying the napkin in its napkin-ring just so next to the soup bowl...

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5 Comments on Nowhere To Hide

I decided to do the Alt Ending video assignment as a Blair Witch take-off, with my kids providing a surprise ending.  It’s every mother’s dream to have a few moments alone, but the kids always seem to find you in the end!  They had a lot of fun rehearsing their line and practicing before the actual filming. There were a lot of giggles that needed editing out...

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4 Comments on Cha-Ching Goes The Swear Jar

I’ve wanted to do something with this scene since I saw it in my pre-semester binge-watch of “The Wire”.  It’s a terrific use of photography and positioning, with very little sound and dialogue.  Pretty much the only dialogue is a repeated epithet used with a variety of inflections and emphases. I replaced it with a cash register sound effect, to put an imaginary quarter into a Swear Jar...

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