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Digital Storytelling 106 at University of Mary Washington, taught by Jim Groom and Paul Bond.

No Comments on Bubbles: Reflections

NOTE:  This was a creative writing assignment.  I have not nor will I ever be a pole-dancer.  Seriously, people.

Hi there friends!

Just an update on what’s been happening this last year for me.  Soon things are going to get real busy around here and I wanted to catch everyone up while I had a few moments.

I can’t believe it was just a short time ago that I was working at Orlando’s as a pole-dancer...

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No Comments on DS106 Jedi

I ran across this fellow with his special lightsaber, so I added some text for fun.  Enjoy!

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1 Comment on Eleventh Hour – ds106 Blues

As our eleventh hour of this course approaches, I’m experiencing a twinge of sadness. Part of that is because this has been the saddest season of watching “The Wire”.  It’s hardest for me to watch the kids and how messed up their parents and their home lives are.  Namond’s mother wanting him to be more like his father, the “good soldier” who worked for the Barksdales and watching kids who hold their food stamp cards and manage the family finances is tough...

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No Comments on Tutorial: Legit I.D.

Uh oh, you’ve been asked for some I.D. and depending upon your circumstances, you may need to craft something together for your story character in a hurry.  First, you’ll want to start with an example to use as a template within whatever your character exists.  You may want a labor union card, passport, driver’s license, library card, or whatever.  See if you can find one by searching images in Google for the state or municipality in which your character lives...

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No Comments on Postcards from the Hedge

This is “Postcards from the Past” for a writing assignment to further the story for my character this semester. My re-imagined Bubbles is a retired pole dancer who used to work at Orlando’s Gentleman’s club in Baltimore.  She began working as a confidential informant for Kima Greggs, a detective on the Baltimore Police Department, and eventually straightened up her act with some help from Kima.

Now she’s in E...

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No Comments on Wanted: A Tutorial

So you want to make a Wanted Poster.  There are a few online sites that can help you out:

Mobile Fish

Glass Giant


Image Chef 

Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know:

You need to keep the file size down and a good way to do that is to turn your image into black and white.  In Photoshop, you do that by selecting Image > Mode > Grayscale...

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No Comments on My Fair Abbey

As my final project character’s story is evolving, I needed to advance her progress to the next level where she becomes part of a television show loosely based on some of her life experiences.  So, that meant I needed to invent the television show and now you’re all caught up.

I mashed up a movie poster of a “Downton Abbey” spoof I made along with an excerpt from an old movie poster of “My Fair Lady“...

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1 Comment on Downton Shabby Revisited



For today’s Daily Create, I got to revisit my favorite work from this semester which was my re-imagining of a favorite TV show: Downton Abbey.  Not only did I re-do the logo, but I invented a parallel universe where many of our favorite characters from The Wire appear.  Here’s that original write-up:  Downton Shabby.

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No Comments on First Time in London for Bubbles

I did the assignment “Create Your Dream Vacation” where you imagine your vacation and put it together on Pinterest.  Never having an account there before meant I had no experience at all with “pinning” things onto a virtual bulletin board.

Since this is becoming material for my character who is on her first trip to London, it was ideal for finding some of the main landmarks like Big Ben and the Tower of London...

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No Comments on Dark Days – Notes on S4:E 8, 9, 10

Episode 8 “Corner Boys” – “We got our thing, but it’s just part of the big thing.” Zenobia

Ahhh, poor Fuzzy Dunlop is getting blamed for providing bad intel.

Colvin pointing out to the kids in the classroom that it’s their training ground for the corners later on and that it’s a safe environment for them to practice without guns and police is a real eye-opener.

Bunk is doing real investigative work trying to get to the bottom of the framing of Omar.

Carcetti is o...

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