No Comments on Troubleshooting the D20

So, I can get the d20 to power up.  It boots the Trinket Pro and goes through the program and announces “Greetingaming_d20-schematicgs, Adventurer!”.  That tells me the power, code, sound files, sound board, amplifier card, speaker, and the Trinket Pro are working just fine.  But, when rolled,nothing is announced...

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No Comments on Soldering The D20


Before soldering, the instructions recommended reaming out the mounting holes on the circuit boards because they are going to be screwed into the die halves with pan-head machine screws, which is a little unorthodox for this type of project...

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No Comments on “Tell Us What You’re Working On…”

A.K.A. How I Landed A Critical Hit With My d20

In a week or so, I’ll have my second Bachelor’s degree.  It’s in Computer Science.  Last semester I finished a minor in Geospatial Analysis and earned my certificate after defending my thesis.  My first Bachelor’s degree was in biology and I’ve enjoyed an interesting career working in a variety of areas in the field...

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No Comments on That Scintillating Post on Glue

Yes, it’s that scintillating post on glue that you’ve all been waiting for.  I know, I know it’s exciting stuff.  Now calm down and be sure you have a bottle of acetone on hand in case of accidents.  It’s really hard to drive to the drug store to get some if you have already glued your fingers together.

Not that it’s ever happened to me.


Not exactly.

Well, it wasn’t ALL of my fingers. It was a long time ago.  Let’s talk about something else.


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No Comments on Parts Is Parts

I’ve gathered all of my parts for the icosahedron (that’s a 20-sided die if your nerd factor is low).  Here they are in unassembled mode:


As you can see, there are a lot of pins that are going to have to get soldered into the boards.  Lots of soldering.  Lots and lots.  Oh boy.

I also get to de-solder the speaker wires for some reason, only to re-solder some other wires on there...

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No Comments on Textile Circuit Project

For the circuit challenge I chose a textile project.  I’ve never been big on textile projects and possessing only rudimentary sewing skills was a good reason to stay away from wearables.  It was the little tiny LEDs that got me in the end.  How could I resist their siren call?  Those little tiny lights with built-in holes meant to be sewn into circuits with conductive thread.  Alluring.


After rummaging around in the materials tub and scrounging up some matc...

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1 Comment on Learning to Solder

Hakko-FX-888D-Digital-Soldering-StationI got a soldering station for Christmas. In fact, I have the exact same model pictured.  It’s supposed to be a pretty nice one with lots of watts and good temperature control with an internal thermostat to help keep it up at the right temperature so it doesn’t bleed off too much heat when you touch the tip to the components. I haven’t soldered anything in over 30 years, but I remember it being fun, and definitely something that required practice to do well...

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No Comments on Cardboard Challenge: Batmobile

It’s finished!  My macaroni and cheese box cardboard creation!

chassisThe box is the main body, and I used straws for the chassis.  Bamboo skewers are the axles and struts, and the wheels are Tampico drink lids.  My daughter donated the elastic loom bands for the power.

axleI found a YouTube tutorial for rubber band cars where they glued a wooden piece on to the axle to hook the rubber band, but it wasn’t strong enough and kept breaking off...

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No Comments on Wing of Bat

batwing_evolutionMagic Potion:  Eye of newt, wing of bat, tears of Freshmen…it goes something like that.

I worked on new and improved bat features for my new race car incarnation.  The first car was received with mediocre enthusiasm and then destroyed by our cat.  In fact, the cat showed more enthusiasm for my first cardboard creation than anyone else in the family, thus ensuring his status as Most Favored Mammal in our household.batwings

The bat wing process took longer than I expect...

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No Comments on The Batmobile Is Cooler

My son was not terribly impressed with my rubber band race car project.

“The Batmobile is cooler.”

“Well yes dear, because Batman didn’t make his car out of a macaroni box.”

Hmph. He also had Alfred.  I need an Alfred.

So today my goal is to batify it up.  Batmitize.  Batonify?  Batiq??

Maybe I’ll study up on some batology as well.  Bat wings incoming! I think I can cut some rear batwing-ish fins that might look something like this really cool car...

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