CPSC 305 a.k.a. Chips-N-Dip

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I’m getting ready for the final exam next week, and thought I’d get down a few thoughts on this class.  It was not a requirement for the GIS track of my Computer Science major, but I really wanted to take it anyway because it involved learning how to build circuits on a breadboard.  I’d already bought some of the wires, breadboards, and LEDs because I wanted to learn this stuff last Summer and ran out of time.  Sooooo, since it would count for one of my 3xx electives anyway and I could get a waiver for the pesky math prerequisite, it was an easy choice to take this class.

However, it was NOT an easy class.  I knew this going into it, so no whining.  No dip either, just chips. And wires. And LEDs.  I had a terrific lab partner who covered the math deficiencies on my part, and we handled labs just fine.  I ended up learning a lot about circuits, chips, and breadboarding.  Here’s a movie I made so I wouldn’t forget the highlights:

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