Death of a Die

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My first attempt to print the two halves of my D20 project were not successful.  I had both printers running simultaneously, and they both failed at 82% completion.  In both cases, the print head seemed like it rubbed across the top of the object and dragged it right off the printer bed.

I tried again a few days later, this time just using one printer, with the build set to “slow” and I prepared the blue tape on the bed with a good sandpaper rubbing.  I watched with my nose nearly pressed to the glass, and right at 81% the object became wobbly and was clearly going to come off the bed, so I canceled the print job.  UGH!

It seemed like the printer head just pushed the object around until it shoved it right off the bed.  In all cases I carefully leveled the bed prior to printing, and in the first two failures the leveling was supervised and checked by one of our lab aide experts.

I’m really wondering if there is a height setting or a maximum I need to fix, because it’s suspicious to me that failure occurred in all three instances on two different printers at different speed settings at the EXACT SAME TIME in the percent completion of the process.

You know what this means now.  OH yes.   It’s QUEST time.  I’m going to get this thing done.  It’s saddle-up-lock-and-load-gird-your-loins-St.-Crispin-Day-speech-time.  I’m going to figure out how to get this DONE.  My next step is to consult with our resident experts and see how to go about printing on a bed prepared with glue.

Stay tuned.

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