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No Comments on Mixin’ & Mashin’ – Weeks 13-14 Summary

What a fun fortnight, re-imagining things as we re-mixed and made mash-ups!  Here’s what I did these last two weeks:

I watched Season 4 episodes 5-10 and summarized them here:

Prezbo’s Game – Season 4 Episodes 5,6,7

Dark Days – Season 4 Episodes 8, 9, 10

I don’t know about you, but after watching all these episodes of The Wire, I feel like this:


4 TDCs ( 2 each week):

Lessons Learned 

Size ds106, Please!


The Thinker vs. Batman

8.5 Stars of Mash-Ups:

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No Comments on Idris Got Flex a.k.a. Weeks 11-12 Summary

Season 3, episodes 11, 12 Season 4, episodes 1-4:

I watched ‘em all.  For the third time.  I’m hooked on The Wire and it’s all Jim Groom’s fault.

My favorite highlights centered around  the recurring theme of reinvention and adaptation (flex) of our favorite characters: The final culmination of B & B’s relationship, ending in mutual betrayal and Stringer’s death. Also, it’s the end of Season 3. Also, it’s the end of Idris on The Wire...

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1 Comment on Slow Train Comin’ – a.k.a. Week 10 Summary

Here’s what I did this week, delving into the realm of video:

Summary Notes on Season 3, Episodes 8, 9, 10

Reflection on opening scenes of Fritz Lang’s “M”

Look, Listen, Analyze a Scene from “The Wire”

2 Inspires:

Mahone’s Mouzone Movin’ On

Harris’ App Icon

2 Daily Creates:

His Master’s Voice

Halloween a l’Orange

I made a new video assignment: That Bleeping Censor

10 stars of video assignments:

That Bleeping Censor – 5 stars –  Cha-Ching Goes t...

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1 Comment on Padawans in Hamsterdam: A Weekly Summary

Week 9 Summaryfred_flintstone

Let me just say this.  I love how Jay Landsman speaks so eloquently, reads porn, and eats like a barbarian. He’s a more honest portrayal of McNulty.  No personal ambitions cloaked in self-righteous lofty goals, no falling off the wagon because he never got on it.  Pure honesty. What you see is what you get.  You might not like it, but there it is. Fred Flintstone with a badge.

Okay, here’s what I did this week:

Season 3, Episodes 5, 6, 7: I sum...

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1 Comment on Hamsterdam: Changin’ Up The Game

Weekly Summary

Another good week, and we’ve hit the mid-point of the semester!  The group radio show project was a success, and all the pieces have been hung together in a single final product for our group, “Wire Buyers”.  Here’s my work for this week:

Final Radio Show: “Wire Buyers”

Episode Summaries for “The Wire” S03:E02,03,04: “Just Turn it Sideways” – my take on the best episodes of this season, where the Hamsterdam concept gets implemented.

Radio Show P...

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1 Comment on Downton Shabby and Guinea Pigs: A Weekly Summary

Episode summaries:

I couldn’t listen to the commentary broadcasts on ds106 Radio because of scheduling conflicts, but I was able to download and listen to them on Saturday morning instead.  I lined up the video in one window and started the commentary in another and synched them that way so it made for a really good viewing/listening experience...

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1 Comment on Designing the Wire

a.k.a. Week Six Summary

I had a blast doing Design Week!  I wasn’t sure how it would differ from other visual aspects, but now I understand that it’s the application of concepts and intent plays a role. Here’s what I did this week:

Episodes 9, 10, 11 summarized here: Done on the Docks: Ziggy’s Goose is Cooked

Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon

Thingen Werken und Stuffen: The Design of Things Photoblitz – I enjoyed looking for good, bad, and failing designs...

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2 Comments on Bounty Hunting & Beads

It was a good week!  Fun assignments, good community interactions, and the focus on visual aspects was fun.

Continuing my original list of prequel questions, I’d like to add another item: What is the background on the relationship between The Greek and Spiros?  They don’t seem like father and son, but there is some mileage there, and I’d love to know that story.

Oh, and what’s up with that Pi tatoo on Nick’s neck?

2 TDCs:

“Patently Stylish”

“Bad Groom...

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1 Comment on Who’s Keeping the Devil Down in the Hole?

 Weekly Summary

Highlight of the week:

While I’m puttering away on a Saturday afternoon, polishing an audio assignment for the week, I get this Tweet:


How cool is that?  I quickly fumbled to get into ds106 Radio to listen to a charming conversation between two delightful people whose accents tell me they’re from “across the pond”.  Talking about our audio projects this week that they’ve been following.  Then they played some of them.  OUR stuff...

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5 Comments on Zombies and Cheesewagons

This was a brutal week for work due in other classes, and I discovered that ds106 can be VERY addictive!

Article Reflections – It was a thoughtful piece written about digital storytelling (from way back in 2010)...

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