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No Comments on Wanted: A Tutorial

So you want to make a Wanted Poster.  There are a few online sites that can help you out:

Mobile Fish

Glass Giant


Image Chef 

Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know:

You need to keep the file size down and a good way to do that is to turn your image into black and white.  In Photoshop, you do that by selecting Image > Mode > Grayscale...

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No Comments on Moving On

The Visual Assignment “Before and After” is about combining the past and present into a single image.  I chose to do that with an image in a rear view mirror (that I placed there with the help of Photoshop).  Here we have someone looking forward to what is down the road in the future of their chosen path, and the image of what was in their past appearing in the rear view mirror.  The future path through the windshield is blurry and unclear.


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4 Comments on The Blitzkrieg

The assignment, to be done in 20 minutes or less:

  • Let’s play with movement. Get a shot of something in motion.
  • A fork in the road. Casting a ballot. Buying bread. Choices abound.Take a photo of a choice.
  • No ocean, surely you can find some water around you to take a photo of.
  • Features a repeating pattern.
  • Make a photograph with your camera at floor level.
  • Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary
  • Crowd scene

I only took pictures of what was in my office or ...

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3 Comments on Giant Wafflestomping

I imagine this is the bug’s eye view when The Wafflestomper comes around hiking.


I really wanted to get some of the lugged sole in the image, so I played around with sliding it to the edge of an elevated surface.  I could get the camera lens under the boot better that way, which gave the perspective of looking up at the boot, making it seem larger than it really is...

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2 Comments on Skulls & Coffee


This assignment was to create a visual pyramid of the last three things you drank that day.  I started with my commuter thermos in the back, which is the best thermos drink holder I have ever owned.  It’s completely leak proof and keeps coffee warm for hours.  No danger of it leaking onto my laptop or books while stashed in my backpack.  I came back from class and continued drinking coffee out of my favorite skull mug. I know, I’m a geek...

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3 Comments on Mirror: What Did I Do?

McNulty’s famous line “What the fuck did I do?” appears all over “The Wire”. Here we have a scene from Season 1, Episode 1 where he’s in a bar talking with Bunk and saying he feels like a character from “Bridge On The River Kwai” and says “What the fuck did I do?”

On the right, another scene from Season 1, this time from Episode 2, where he’s talking to Daniels who is chewing him out for not following the chain of command and everyone is getting too much unwanted...

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3 Comments on WANTED: Jim Groom

WANTED: Jim Groom

WANTED: Jim Groom

This man is frequently seen nesting in his office, playing with science fiction action figures and arranging them in questionable poses. When he leaves his lair, he is difficult to track because he does not carry a smartphone.

If apprehended and taken into custody, it is recommended to restrain the individual due to his propensity for wild hand-gesturing...

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5 Comments on Wanted: A New Visual Assignment

Soooo, I made a new assignment called “WANTED Poster” under the Visual category in the Assignment Bank. It was inspired by the “Y U NO DRAW JIM GROOM” daily create, but because I am horrible at drawing and I wanted to include a writing aspect, I decided to create an opportunity for writing and bounty hunting.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good bounty hunt every once in awhile?

There are several wanted poster generators out there, but I went with the one at Mobilefish bec...

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4 Comments on It’s All In The Beads, Yo


My Story Beads

My bead story begins with my first undergraduate degree in Biology, symbolized by the green and blue glass bead at #1. Pretty much beginning around that time, I began rudimentary computer gaming. I say “rudimentary”, because it was pretty primitive stuff back in the late ’80s...

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No Comments on I Made A New Visual Assignment! – “Story Beads”

I’ve been slowly working on a set of bead/charms for a bracelet and so far I’ve got the beads, but not the actual bracelet.  I’ve played with the order of things, and ran across a website called “North America Great Story Beads” where they use beads to create a timeline around which they narrate a story.  I thought “HEY, that’s STORYTELLING” so, ta-da, a new Visual Assignment was born.

Check it out:  New Visual Assignment “Story Beads”

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