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1 Comment on Wire Buyers: The Final Cut

We did it.  Our first group project, and my first experience with making a radio show.  Never thought I’d be doing any sound editing, much less participating in producing a show for airing on radio.  How cool is that?  I have a new appreciation for how much work goes into taking sound and making more sound out of it.  What learning experience this has been!

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2 Comments on Proposition Joe’s Commercial

This was fun because I went way back in time to pull some old ads for an appliance repair and sales shop in Detroit called Highland Appliance.  They had several commercials for TV and radio, but I settled on the one featuring a “Yes Man” with a reference to Hurricane Agnes which hit our area back in 1972.  I liked the retro feel of the thing...

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5 Comments on Orlando’s Gentlemen’s Club Commercial

It had to be done.

This is the result of several hours of wading through sound clips for clubs, bars, and various establishments with poles as a main feature.  My ears were bleeding, but I managed to get what I wanted into the commercial, and kept it classy (considering the material that ended up on the cutting room floor)...

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1 Comment on Buyology of The Wire: Wired Buyers Promo

This is a promotional piece for our group radio show project called “Wired Buyers” where we focus on the product placement in HBO’s “The Wire”.  The show was rife with consumer products and we’re making a radio show largely made up of commercial ads, naturally given to hyperbole.

I took a circuit tree design from becuo.com and put a green layer on it, with white neon highlighting.  I added text, with the same filters, to keep it subtle...

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1 Comment on Chicken in the Joint

This is my commercial spot for Kentucky Fried Chicken in our radio show project “Wire Buyers”, featuring product placement in “The Wire”.   You’ll hear Homer Simpson, Peter Griffon, Jason Alexander in addition to Wee-Bey, Avon, and D’Angelo discussing KFC’s finest virtues.  I went for funny, with segues that follow the verbal queues such as “moist towelette” leading into “soggy and limp”...

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5 Comments on The Wired Child – A Brainstormed Radio Show

I keep seeing what I think of as “young” themes of childlike elements recurring in episodes of “The Wire”. Maybe it’s child-like innocence? Maybe it’s an innocence that’s lost, or wistfully hoped for but never attained in our view into inner city Baltimore.

My vision for an audio project is a radio show episode of “The Wire” tying together some of these “young” themes...

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