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No Comments on My Fair Abbey


As my final project character’s story is evolving, I needed to advance her progress to the next level where she becomes part of a television show loosely based on some of her life experiences.  So, that meant I needed to invent the television show and now you’re all caught up.

I mashed up a movie poster of a “Downton Abbey” spoof I made along with an excerpt from an old movie poster of “My Fair Lady“...

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1 Comment on Transformation: Kurt Russell

He’s come a long way, from little boy to man, starting out as Mr. Walt Disney’s newly discovered child actor to present-day partner of Goldie Hawn.  He was in a ton of Disney movies when I was growing up, and I loved him as an adult in “Tango and Cash” with Sylvester Stallone.  If you look closely, you’ll spot him kicking Elvis in the shin, as a jungle boy on Gilligan’s Island, and on a planet somewhere on Lost in Space...

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2 Comments on Breaking Bad on The Wire


This assignment was to combine two movie posters of movies that have been compared to each other.  Since we’re focusing on HBO’s “The Wire” this semester, I chose to combine it with another show it has often been compared to – “Breaking Bad”.  Here we have our two fellas watching “The Wire” on television while plotting their next move. It’s Breaking Bad on The Wire!

This was accomplished in Photoshop using a generic TV image from the internet with a logo from ...

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