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2 Comments on Inspired: Harris’ App Icon

I was inspired by Ien Harris’ creation of an icon for an application on a smart phone or other electronic device.  His original blog post is here.

This is a neat piece of work that involves simplicity and minimalism, and can still convey the idea of the functionality of the application. It needs to be discernible when it’s small enough to be a tiny little icon on your smart phone, and still be recognizable from the other app icons on your little screen.

It’s pe...

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1 Comment on Inspired: Mahone’s Mouzone Movin’ On

I was inspired by LaKisha Mahone’s design work earlier in the semester where she put together a “Where Are They Now” type of fan magazine piece on the actor/characters from “The Wire”.  Her original blog post is here.


I like the idea of the characters/actors continuing on and they’re being followed and photographed as if in a fan magazine. The tme and effort taken on the research to find updated images of the actors is appreciated...

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2 Comments on Menagerie Inspiration

Jeremy Hillberry’s hybridized character/animal was really well done and I found it inspiring enough to try it out for one of my assignments as well.  Mine did not turn out as well as his, and I think it’s because he was much better at merging the two images.  He said that Cedric Daniels reminded him of a giraffe, and I can see that with the actor’s physique...

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2 Comments on Gaming Card Inspiration

David Mercer’s “They Wait Around Like We Didn’t Notice” is a really good use of graphic design to produce a believable card for gaming.  The icons are appropriate, and the chosen quotes paired with the characters summarize what the character is all about in “The Wire”. I avoided this assignment when I first saw it because I was intimidated, but after seeing this result it makes me want to give it a try!


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1 Comment on Triple Troll Inspiration

The first exposure I had to visual trolling, and it was even better because it was combined with the epigraphs from the start of “The Wire” episodes. Love the idea of taking a character in a scene and attributing someone else’s quote and then taking that last step and attributing it to another person entirely.

This was Jim Groom’s first effort to get the class into the swing of things...

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