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1 Comment on Leavin’ On A Jet Plane


I did the design assignment “Let’s See Some ID” to create this image that I’m going to use as a component in my final project. This is a rendering of a fictitious airplane ticket from Baltimore Washington Airport to London’s Heathrow Airport.  I downloaded an image for an old plane ticket and using Photoshop, I erased the names and airports and typed in my own for use in my final project.

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1 Comment on Brother Mouzone’s Library Card

I had wanted to make Brother Mouzone a library card ever since I heard his quote in “The Wire”, but when I searched on an assignment that would fit, I couldn’t find one so I made one.

Brother Mouzone's Library Card

Brother Mouzone has come to Baltimore from New York City, so it figures he has a New York Public Library card, not one from Baltimore...

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