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Uh oh, you’ve been asked for some I.D. and depending upon your circumstances, you may need to craft something together for your story character in a hurry.  First, you’ll want to start with an example to use as a template within whatever your character exists.  You may want a labor union card, passport, driver’s license, library card, or whatever.  See if you can find one by searching images in Google for the state or municipality in which your character lives...

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I did the design assignment “Let’s See Some ID” to create this image that I’m going to use as a component in my final project. This is a rendering of a fictitious airplane ticket from Baltimore Washington Airport to London’s Heathrow Airport.  I downloaded an image for an old plane ticket and using Photoshop, I erased the names and airports and typed in my own for use in my final project.

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I made a new design assignment called “Let’s See Some ID”, because I wanted an assignment where I could make a library card for Brother Mouzone from the HBO show “The Wire”.  He is quoted as saying “The most dangerous thing in America is a nigger with a library card” and from that moment on, I wanted to make him one.

It’s cool to think that all of these characters from “The Wire” have ID of some sort such as driver’s licenses, credit cards, bank cards, although ...

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1 Comment on Brother Mouzone’s Library Card

I had wanted to make Brother Mouzone a library card ever since I heard his quote in “The Wire”, but when I searched on an assignment that would fit, I couldn’t find one so I made one.

Brother Mouzone's Library Card

Brother Mouzone has come to Baltimore from New York City, so it figures he has a New York Public Library card, not one from Baltimore...

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Here’s what I imagine a fictional postcard from Brother Mouzone would look like if sent from the great city of Baltimore.  I imported images I found on the internet into Photoshop, erased existing text, roughed them up with dust/scratches filter and proceeded to add Brother Mouzone’s hand writing.  I periodically made new text boxes, distorted them and tilted them so that the text appeared more natural as handwriting.

Can’t a Brother get some decent literature ...

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2 Comments on Anger Management

This assignment was for a motivational poster, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to make a DE-motivational poster, and Rawls was my first inspiration.  He’s the most demotivating manager in the show, and makes no effort at controlling his anger issues. This was captured from Season 1, Episode 1 where he is giving McNulty a dressing down, in typical Rawls style.

Still image was imported into Photoshop, framed with a shape tool, and text added with the text box...

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1 Comment on Hamsterdam Venn

I’ve been re-watching into Season 3, and the Hamsterdam episodes are among my favorites mostly because of the concept of a drug-tolerant zone in an inner city. Fascinating concept.

The assignment to create a Venn diagram required a lot more thought and playing around on scratch paper than I had anticipated.  I doodled a lot before settling on my final categories that would overlap...

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4 Comments on Fifty Shades of Wee-Bey

It had to be done.

Fifty Shades of Wee-Bey

Design a book cover.  I had to go with parody, because I don’t take fluffy beach froth like this book too seriously.  On a deeper note, there might actually BE fifty different aspects to Wee-Bey’s character.  We see the fish hobbyist, the loyal Barksdale employee, capable street-wise hit man and “fixer”, and a father who wants more for his son, but we don’t get to see the prequel story...

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