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1 Comment on Downton Shabby Revisited



For today’s Daily Create, I got to revisit my favorite work from this semester which was my re-imagining of a favorite TV show: Downton Abbey.  Not only did I re-do the logo, but I invented a parallel universe where many of our favorite characters from The Wire appear.  Here’s that original write-up:  Downton Shabby.

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2 Comments on Lessons Learned

Today’s Daily Create was to summarize a movie in two panels.  Since we’re focusing on HBO’s The Wire this semester, I chose to summarize Season 1 episode 8 “Lessons” in two panels. The epigraph of this episode is “Come at the king, you best not miss.” which is Omar’s quote and refers back to a chess lesson in an earlier episode, so I included the king chess piece...

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No Comments on My Suggested Daily Create – Part the Second

I suggested a new Daily Create assignment: DS106 Stamp It! where you design your own postage stamp, ds106-style.  For fun, I made this one using the DS106 Radio Logo as an example, with the online app at Zazzle:


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1 Comment on Size ds106, Please

This Daily Create assignment was to caption an Unsplash photo.  There were several really good ones, but I chose this one, and added my ds106-oriented caption:


Who knows? This might start a trendy ds106 clothing line.  “Tell your story in apparel”.  Ya never know…

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No Comments on Iconaday

Today’s Daily Create assignment was to re-tell what you did today in icons.  I used the suggested set of icons that Google recently made available and found paging through them to be a little like shopping for the right shoes.  They had to be juuuuust right.  Turns out this was probably the most exciting part of my day.  Here’s what I did today:


1. Stayed home.

2. Wrote computer code on a project.


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No Comments on The Thinker vs. Batman


For this Daily Create we have to help Rodin’s “The Thinker” devise a scheme to win against Batman.  The poor guy is naked and Batman has that utility belt with all the cool gadgets, a neoprene suit, and a cape.  No wonder he has been defeated many times.  It’s all about the costume if you’re going to beat a superhero.  You don’t bring a fig leaf to a fashion fight.

Oh, and a well-dressed sidekick might not be such a bad idea either...

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No Comments on It’s Just A Fad

I had a co-worker who told me the internet “was just a fad” and the fan fervor would die down soon.  That was in late 1995 when I was first venturing out and using things like telnet and Delphi and CompuServe chat rooms you could find by logging onto servers and surfing through lists of “channels” or “rooms” where people were hanging out...

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No Comments on Mickey Is A ds106keteer


The daily create was to skip the over-used cat and dog memes and create a mouse meme.  We were encouraged to use anything, including well-known mice.  I created this in MS PowerPoint to get the easy-to-use-pre-made ovals, filled them with black, and added text boxes to accommodate the text which is in fonts called Mickey (the outlined font), Minnie (the solid font), and Comic Sans...

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2 Comments on Camera Halo

This daily create was a bit vague, so I borrowed a small mirror, and played around with a light ring and my phone’s camera lens.  This is a picture of my phone’s camera lens, from a mirror reflection, under my LED halo lamp.  The light ring of the lamp looks like a halo above the camera lens and I like the effect I achieved through the mirror reflection...

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1 Comment on Confused Beavers: “Did He Say ‘LOG’ or ‘BLOG’?”

We had some confused ds106 beavers for the Daily Create who needed some captioning help.  Here’s my rendition, done in MSPaint:


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