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Computer science 220 course at University of Mary Washington using C++, taken Spring 2014, taught by Dr. Karen Anewalt.

No Comments on Cache Management

Not to be confused with “cash management”.

Part II of our final coding project for CPSC 220 was to build a cache manager that would store info in an array, allow the user to attempt to enter new stuff into that array, check the array to make sure that new stuff didn’t already exist, and if it really was new stuff, go ahead and let the user enter it...

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No Comments on CPSC 220: Project 2, a.k.a. The Luhny Bin

It turns out a clever mathematician named Luhn (loon) invented an algorithm to dance through the digits that make up your credit card number and run a check to see if it is a valid credit card.

It also turns out I’m a terrible mathematician and have NO idea how Luhn’s Algorithm actually works. But, as a budding computer scientist I don’t need to understand the mathemagical inner workings, just the conceptual steps so that I could complete Project 2 in my CPSC 220...

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