Who’s Keeping the Devil Down in the Hole?

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 Weekly Summary

Highlight of the week:

While I’m puttering away on a Saturday afternoon, polishing an audio assignment for the week, I get this Tweet:


How cool is that?  I quickly fumbled to get into ds106 Radio to listen to a charming conversation between two delightful people whose accents tell me they’re from “across the pond”.  Talking about our audio projects this week that they’ve been following.  Then they played some of them.  OUR stuff.  On the RADIO!  How freakin’ cool is THAT ?!?

Anyway, here’s the rest of the week and how it went:

  • Re-watched Season 2 Episodes 3, 4, and 5 and summarized my thoughts on my blog here: “Omar Back” – “Who’s Omar?”
  • Joined Maggie Stough, et al in forming a group for the Radio Show Project and posted my ideas here: “The Wired Child – A Brainstormed Radio Show”. We set up our first group meeting for next week.
  • Downloaded and installed Audacity.  Wow, this week was my very first foray into sound editing! Hey look, I know what a waveform is now! Oh, and I discovered that using Chrome as a browser is a bad idea when working with SoundCloud.  A lot of the visual choices don’t work in Chrome, such as the choice to set your sound files to be downloadable, and to change the images used.  Spent some time with Mariana Funes, Alan Levine, and John Johnston on Twitter getting helpful advice on that issue.  What a nice community we have here!
  • Listened to Jen Ralston interview and blogged about it here: “It’s All In the Sound, Yo”

2 TDCs:

3 Assignments from Bank:

  1. Bumpin’ Against the Dark Side – This took the longest because I was searching for a Darth Vader voice modulator.  The built-in one on my headset software didn’t quite get the effect I wanted, but it’s close.  I’m going to keep searching for a “real” Vader sound.
  2. Java Jive – The very best sounds to hear first thing in the morning. Another Audacity cut and paste using sound files from freesound.org.  Trimmed down for better timeframe.
  3. Audio Quiz – Reversed Music – This was relatively easy to do.  Identify your source sound clip, trim it down in Audacity, under Effects, choose reverse, and there you are.  It doesn’t say “Paul is Dead” when I played it backwards, but oh well.

Listened to my first ds106 Radio broadcast (live) and tweeted (Tuesday night), joined halfway through on episode discussion (Wednesday afternoon) and tweeted about it too, just for the heck of it. Well, I might have been procrastinating a little bit on other coursework.

Okay, I might have been procrastinating a LOT on other coursework.  I’ll get to it, leave me alone!

It was just as entertaining to follow along with the content of the episode as it was to see/hear everyone’s reactions.  I especially enjoyed listening on ds106 Radio when folks were watching the episode and they would pick things out I had missed in previous viewings. A few of the twitterings:

Links to Comments I Made On The Intarwebz:

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