Hamsterdam: Changin’ Up The Game

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Weekly Summary

Another good week, and we’ve hit the mid-point of the semester!  The group radio show project was a success, and all the pieces have been hung together in a single final product for our group, “Wire Buyers”.  Here’s my work for this week:

Final Radio Show: “Wire Buyers”

Episode Summaries for “The Wire” S03:E02,03,04: “Just Turn it Sideways” – my take on the best episodes of this season, where the Hamsterdam concept gets implemented.

Radio Show Progress Blog: This was my summary of progress made up to mid-week.  The group met several times, especially on Facebook chat to review and organize our work.

Radio Show Commercial Blog: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Radio Show Commercial Blog: Proposition Joe’s Shop

Radio Show Commercial Blog: Orlando’s Gentlemen’s Club

Radio Show Poster Blog: Buyology of The Wire

Radio Show Bumpersticker Blog: Buckets Behind Bars

Radio Show Bumpersticker Blog: I Got Wired At Prop Joe’s

Daily Create Blog: “Fearful Symmetry” – my take on a tiger attack.

Video Discussion of S03:E04 “Amsterdam” with Jim Groom and Paul Bond.

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