WANTED: Jim Groom

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WANTED: Jim Groom

WANTED: Jim Groom

This man is frequently seen nesting in his office, playing with science fiction action figures and arranging them in questionable poses. When he leaves his lair, he is difficult to track because he does not carry a smartphone.

If apprehended and taken into custody, it is recommended to restrain the individual due to his propensity for wild hand-gesturing. ┬áHe is known for thinking outside the box, which often leads to new ideas and subsequent spontaneous behavior. This is often manifested by Tourette’s-like blogging and video chat recording sessions.

He is easily recognized as he often shouts the following phrases:

  • “Make art, dammit!”
  • “Comment on the blogs!”
  • “I’m Audi 5000!”

Approach with caution and ignore any violent rantings.

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