Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon

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vignelliI appreciated his insight into re-designing logos and branding for companies. His approach was to do a “light re-touch” or freshening up rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Logos that have been in the public awareness for decades, if they’ve made a positive impression, should continue to connect with their audience if not completely re-invented.

The section on paper sizes and printing layouts was interesting and I found myself wondering how he would’ve felt about how I was viewing his work – in multi-windowed panes in a web browser, certainly not laid out in the way he had anticipated his audience reading his book.

Vignelli’s comparisons of white space to silence, and large font sizes to shouting was amusing to me, since that’s exactly what all caps mean in social media and internet communications.

He does a good job explaining that design is deliberate and not “happenstance”, and that he loves the plurality ambiguity gives his craft, and that he loves contradiction within a frame of contextual reference so that it has meaning. The book provided a quick overview covering his ideas on major aspects of design theory.  I was surprised at some of the details; in particular the art and craftsmanship involved in book binding and choices made with regard to end papers and book page textures.

I enjoyed this reading and learned a few things I hadn’t been exposed to before!

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