“Their Finest Hour”

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This is my rendition of the audio assignment “Remix A Song With Some Speech”.

I love old westerns, particularly the ones that Elmer Bernstein scored, so I knew I’d use one of my favorites which is the theme he wrote for “The Magnificent Seven”.  It’s a rousing, heroic piece so I needed an inspiring speech to pair with it.  I went with Winston Churchill’s “Their Finest Hour” speech which is strikingly similar to Shakespeare’s St. Crispin Day speech from Henry V.  Churchill was not terribly dramatic vocally, so I think some background music helps pump it up as we contemplate his speech.  This was delivered to the British House of Commons on June 18, 1940, just after Churchill had been Prime Minister for about a month. The Battle of France had just ended with their seeking armistice and Churchill was making sure Great Britain understood her role could not waver.

This was edited in Audacity using YouTube video soundtracks from Elmer Bernstein’s “The Magnificent Seven” and Winston Churchill’s “This Was Their Finest Hour” speech of June 18, 1940.  I only used the last two minutes of Churchill’s 36 minute speech, and cut the music soundtrack to fit, and adjust volume and fades for best listening of the speech.


3 responses to ““Their Finest Hour”

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