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YouTube is doing something funky with a “warping” kind of effect that I can’t figure out, but here it is.  I think I’ll try uploading to Vimeo next time and see if that improves things.


I went with Season 1 Episode 5 “The Pager” for the Swede video assignment since it’s one of my favorite episodes overall.   I need to get better at polishing the transitions between scenes, but for a first effort I’m pleased at how it turned out. This was a completely solo adventure in filming and post-production, so it’s wobbly at times.  I think I’ll get better results next time by using my mobile web cam.  This was filmed using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with indoor and outdoor sets.

Here are some photos of the backstage production process, which involved a mash-up of Lego, Star Wars, and The Wire:

set of "The Pager" Swede

cast of "The Pager" Swede

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  1. Imran Ahmed

    Holy shit this is just too good! O.o like when you told me you were going to do it this way I had a feeling you were going to surprise me which you did. Awesome job on this! 😀


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