The Blitzkrieg

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The assignment, to be done in 20 minutes or less:

  • Let’s play with movement. Get a shot of something in motion.
  • A fork in the road. Casting a ballot. Buying bread. Choices abound.Take a photo of a choice.
  • No ocean, surely you can find some water around you to take a photo of.
  • Features a repeating pattern.
  • Make a photograph with your camera at floor level.
  • Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary
  • Crowd scene

I only took pictures of what was in my office or on my desk.  The only exception to this was that I went to a sink to get some water for one of the shots. I felt as if there was plenty of clutter in my office and on my desk to provide the necessary content.

Yikes, 20 minutes, here’s the start time.

Blitzkrieg starten und beginneren

Okay, movement next, that’s my driedl, spinning, spinning.



Take a photo of a choice….okay, here’s my nifty Star Trek phaser remote control for the TV.  Lots of choices there.

2014-09-28 15.44.40

Water!  Here’s some water in one of my graduated cylinders.  Yes, I own lab ware.  Yes, I’m a mad scientist.

2014-09-28 15.48.35

A repeating pattern.  Here’s my chain mail bag for holding gaming dice.  Patterns!

2014-09-28 15.38.56

Camera pic at floor level.  Here’s what’s currently under my desk:  A power strip and a page of Star Wars stickers for cars or laptops.

2014-09-28 15.55.16

Here’s a photo of a boundary, which is on a breadboard, used for prototyping circuits. You cross over those printed blue and red lines with wires to create electronic circuits.

2014-09-28 15.43.07


Ahhhh, my favorite crowd scene.  The Muppets portraying Star Wars characters.

2014-09-28 15.38.38

Here’s our finish time.

2014-09-28 15.51.47

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