Stomping the “Wired Buyers”

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My Work for Radio Show Group Project

Sept. 15 – I was asked by Maggie to join her and Imran on a radio show project group.  I accepted immediately because I was familiar with their work and had admired it and commented on it previously. Jessica and Lauren joined the group later that evening, and Alison joined on Sept. 17, rounding our group out to six.

Sept. 18 – I blogged about my idea for a radio show that was a mash-up of cartoons like “The Simpsons”, “The Family Guy”, and would incorporate Greggs’ reading of “Good Night Moon”.  I linked that into our group Facebook discussion where some of the others linked theirs as well so we could all see.

Sept. 26 – Three of us had a face-to-face meeting in the lobby of ITCC to discuss ideas.  We discussed the various submissions from all the group members and went with Maggie’s idea of product placement as a theme.  I was a strong proponent of this concept at our meeting, because I thought it lended itself to easily divisible segments that we could all work on individually, and then stitch together for a continuous show.

Maggie put together a Google Doc with all of our ideas linked from it, so that folks that couldn’t make the meeting could comment on the doc.

Sept. 30 – Imran sent Jim Groom an email letting him know our group make-up.

Oct. 6 – Maggie made a new Google Doc to act as a repository for all of our ideas, and to divide up the workload of commercials that everyone wants to do. Maggie made a voting section in the document for names of our show.  I contributed three ideas, we voted and selected “Wire Buyers” unanimously. My contributions were “Wire Buyers”, “Buyology of the Wire”, and “Brought to You Buy…”. I was in a punny mood. Imran and Jessica are in charge of gathering bumpers and music. I also added a couple of beer brands to the list of products on our Google Doc that we’ve seen in various episodes.

Oct. 8 – 10 – I’ve been hunting through episodes of The Wire trying to decide on which commercials I want to sign up to do.  I think I’m settling on a pseudo-real KFC commercial, and two fake ones for Orlando’s Gentleman’s Club and that appliance shop where Prop Joe works. I signed up for those on our Google Doc.

Oct. 12 – My first bumpersticker!  “I Got Wired At Prop Joe’s” to advertise our favorite little appliance shop.

Oct. 13 – My second bumpersticker! “Buckets Behind Bars” ‘cause I’ll need an image for the SoundCloud file anyway and I like fiddling with graphics.

I added I Walk On Gilded Splinters by Paul Weller (from the 4th season finale) to our Google Doc list of musical breaks in case we needed more.

Oct. 14 – My first commercial!  KFC in the Joint – That fun scene in Season 2 from Episode 2 “Collateral Damage” where Avon Barksdale is hanging out in his jail cell enjoying what looks like a family sized order of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Problems: People have been doing their work, and more will probably pour in the next couple of days.  My biggest concern is that we can’t seem to find a time for everyone to meet.  We’ve got a variety of majors which means a variety of schedules that include morning, afternoon, and evening classes that don’t mesh very well. I think the hardest part of this is going to be trying to actually meet with folks; we may end up stitching together our radio show with a single person assigned this task at the very end when all the pieces have been submitted.

3 responses to “Stomping the “Wired Buyers”

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  2. Jim Groom

    Wow thorough write-up, thanks for the heads up. I now have a very clear view of what’s going on. And based on your recent posts, I’m fired up to hear the radio show.


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