Slow Train Comin’ – a.k.a. Week 10 Summary

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Here’s what I did this week, delving into the realm of video:

Summary Notes on Season 3, Episodes 8, 9, 10

Reflection on opening scenes of Fritz Lang’s “M”

Look, Listen, Analyze a Scene from “The Wire”

2 Inspires:

Mahone’s Mouzone Movin’ On

Harris’ App Icon

2 Daily Creates:

His Master’s Voice

Halloween a l’Orange

I made a new video assignment: That Bleeping Censor

10 stars of video assignments:

That Bleeping Censor – 5 stars –  Cha-Ching Goes the Swear Jar

Alt Ending – 5 stars – Nowhere To Hide

Comments I Made on other Blogs:

Brittany Scites

Imran Ahmed

Desa Stone

Stephanie Reutter

Nicholas Randall

Melinda Albrycht



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