She Got Sand In Her What ?!?

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Self Portrait Told In Library

An interesting Daily Create assignment: Go through your personal library and make three stacks of books that sum up your self portrait and make a photo collage.  Easy enough to do, snap photos with cell phone and snag them off of Dropbox, plot them into Photoshop as separate layers, nudge, adjust size, and save as .JPG.

Self Portrait told in Library

Here’s what it all means:


On the lefthand side, I’ve got a stack of MAKE: magazines which can be thought of as a modern-day Popular Mechanics, with Do-It-Yourself projects usually involving electronics, gadgetry, robots, etc. ¬†Also in there is “Adventures in Raspberry Pi” by Carrie Anne Philbin, which is a terrific how-to manual on using a mini-pc that’s about the size of a deck of cards.


I’m a computer science major with a concentrate in GIS, so the top stack of books covers my current studies in geographic remote sensing (satellite wizardry), learning Linux commands for my C++ programming course, and of course, ds106 Digital Storytelling which is focusing on “The Wire” this semester.


Always wondering as I’m wandering, the bottom stack is an odd collection of my background and interests in science, massively multiplayer gaming, and clever humor.


2 responses to “She Got Sand In Her What ?!?

    1. Quinntero Post author

      It’s travel humor, in the “Wondering” section. I used to travel a lot, and along my rambling there were a few misadventures. This book is all about that sort of thing. It’s a good summer vacation, sit on the beach kind of read.


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