Proposition Joe’s Commercial

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This was fun because I went way back in time to pull some old ads for an appliance repair and sales shop in Detroit called Highland Appliance.  They had several commercials for TV and radio, but I settled on the one featuring a “Yes Man” with a reference to Hurricane Agnes which hit our area back in 1972.  I liked the retro feel of the thing.  I combined clips from “The Wire” with Proposition Joe talking about his business model and how he refurbishes an old toaster. I finished off with a Simpsons/Family Guy clip referencing “Breaking Bad” and “The Wire” where it sounds as if they’re leaving a commercial break and resuming a show.  Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Proposition Joe’s Commercial

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  2. Brittany Scites

    This is great! I am impressed with how well you morphed everything together to make it sound like one cohesive commercial! That is really cool. The “yes man” part added a little comedy in there too. I liked your commercial!


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