Prezbo’s Game – Notes on S4:E 5,6,7

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Season 4 – Episodes 5, 6, 7 Notes

Episode 5 – “Alliances”

Kids sitting around telling zombie stories and scaring each other about Chris Partlow.  They casually identify the caliber of gunfire in the background, and THAT’S the scary part for me.

Prez has a sticker system for classroom rewards. Colvin wants to group the “stoop kids” from the “corner kids”, which sounds a little like his centralization program in Hamsterdam.

The police attempt to serve warrants on Marlo’s people, still not realizing that they move around a lot faster than the police can obtain the warrants.  Always dealing with old information, the police are playing a game of catch-up.

Wee-Bey explaining how The Game was played back in the day to his son who is visiting him in prison. The newer players like Marlo are unpredictably ruthless and the old rules no longer apply.  It’s a fast-changing world in The Game and the older players aren’t adaptable.

Episode 6 – “Margin of Error”

Wee-Bey’s family is getting cut off from the Barksdale money train. Avon’s sister Brianna is done with him and doesn’t care if anyone rolls over on him. It’s horrible to see Namond’s mother encouraging him to get into the corner drug business when I would’ve thought parents would be trying to keep their kids out of it. She can even bully Brodie into hiring Namond.  The men act mighty and powerful, but in the end it sure looks like a matriarchal society. Namond would rather play video games than sell his package.

Carcetti gets smeared in a Photoshopped campaign ad and gets told it’s all in “The Game”, but he wins anyway.  Omar gets arrested, blah.

Episode 7 – “Unto Others”

Omar’s makeshift body armor saves him in prison, but a five-figure bounty is on his head. “A man got to have a code” is his best line.

While hunting for dice in the bookroom, Prez finds new math textbooks and PCs still in their boxes. He gets the kids rolling dice and learning about probability. They’re betting with Monopoly money.  Love that.

Bubbles business has expanded to TWO shopping carts now which is a good thing since he’s getting robbed by the police as well as the local thugs.


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