Padawans in Hamsterdam: A Weekly Summary

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Week 9 Summaryfred_flintstone

Let me just say this.  I love how Jay Landsman speaks so eloquently, reads porn, and eats like a barbarian. He’s a more honest portrayal of McNulty.  No personal ambitions cloaked in self-righteous lofty goals, no falling off the wagon because he never got on it.  Pure honesty. What you see is what you get.  You might not like it, but there it is. Fred Flintstone with a badge.

Okay, here’s what I did this week:

Season 3, Episodes 5, 6, 7: I summarized my thoughts on these episodes here — Everyone Wants to be a Padawan — It’s true, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Padawan wannabe this week.

My Inspire posts:

Gaming Card Inspiration

Triple Troll Inspiration

Menagerie Inspiration

2 TDCs:

Circle the Wagons

Life Mulligan

Radio Show Live Tweet – DSTW 76.5 This was fun, because you got to listen before and after the radio broadcast to some of the creators answering questions from Professors Groom and Bond, but the best part was tweeting during the broadcast of their show as we all followed along.

Radio Show ReviewDSTW 76.5 Review

Radio Show Discussion Group: “Wire Buyers” was broadcast Wednesday night and we discussed it live, with Jessica Reingold and Maggie Stough. I also tweeted along with some commentary.  One particular standout for me was a completely unanticipated aspect of the radio show broadcasts – you watch your professors reacting to your work as they listen to it for the first time in its entirety.  Yikes that’s a little nerve-wracking.

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