“Omar Back” — “Who’s Omar?”

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I think some of the very best quotes of Season 2 come out of Episodes 3, 4, and 5.   Lester’s clothing being characterized as “tweedy impertinence” by Landsman is worthy of a chuckle. Stringer saying “I’m an XL” is the essence of his ego.  My all-time favorites are Beadie Russel in Episode 4 asking “Who’s Omar?” when she hears Bunk and Lester talking because it pairs so nicely with Omar himself announcing “…Omar back” in Episode 3.

Over the course of Episodes 3, 4, and 5 we get a sense that the cops are trapped in their various situations (visually we see Daniels in the evidence room, surrounding by metal grating/bars) until they get liberated onto the newly formed detail.  Which seems a lot like the old detail.  The very amusing cinematography of the Daniels’ dinner coupled with the Greggs’ dinner was fantastic. At the very end of the scene where Daniels is watching the dog show on television, just as he gets up from the chair to leave, the dog show announcer says “To perform at this level, an animal has to follow orders without question.” — wow, what a great line.

The escapades of Ziggy and Nick are interesting, because Ziggy seems just as fluid and adaptable as Bubbles in navigating his environment and being able to adapt to changing conditions.  Ziggy is trying to teach Nick there are options, instead of just following in the family business, which is dying.

At the end of these episodes, I’m left thinking Nick’s father is the only character we’ve seen who has been successful at keeping the Devil down in the hole.  He doesn’t seem to have given in to corruption at all, ever.  He has devised a gambling system and only uses it vicariously, never giving in to the temptation to actually implement it. He only has what he has honestly earned, and that gives him satisfaction.

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2 responses to ““Omar Back” — “Who’s Omar?”

  1. Maggie Stough

    You makes some really good points about the episodes we watched this week. I especially love what you had to say about Nick’s father, as I find him to be really interesting in comparison to the other Sobotkas.

  2. Nicky Memita

    Nick and Ziggy’s escapades are entertaining to watch, and I agree that Nick’s father is interesting and unlike the rest. I feel like Ziggy is trying to get into the game the wrong way, and although Nick is making deals with The Greek (which is also dangerous) I feel like he knows a little bit more about the game than Ziggy. Love the quotes you pulled!


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