Ohm's Law Fun

V = IR

So simple.  This is Ohm’s Law.   The passing of an electrical current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points. So, voltage equals amperes multiplied by resistance.

Today’s Daily Create assignment was to use “found” letters to depict our favorite math expression. I did a simple Google search for these letters, and picked the ones that I found to be the most eye-catching and different from one another as possible.  I particularly liked the “V” from the old sci-fi TV series (the re-make wasn’t as good).

Physicists and electrical engineers will tell you this is an oversimplification of Ohm’s Law, but for the rest of us this’ll do.  I love how simple this is.  I love that I’m not an electrical engineer and I totally grok this. I love that I’m terrible at math and that doesn’t even matter with this. So, for the rest of us who are not upset about the over-simplification of Ohm’s Law, enjoy this cartoon:



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