Nowhere To Hide

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I decided to do the Alt Ending video assignment as a Blair Witch take-off, with my kids providing a surprise ending.  It’s every mother’s dream to have a few moments alone, but the kids always seem to find you in the end!  They had a lot of fun rehearsing their line and practicing before the actual filming. There were a lot of giggles that needed editing out.  I recorded this using my laptop’s camera, in a dark bathroom with a flashlight held Vincent Price style for the underlighting effect. I edited it using Movie Maker, and added some scary background music by Klankbeeld at


5 responses to “Nowhere To Hide

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  2. Imran Ahmed

    I like how you created this video with how can I say it one word… AWESOMENESS XD Overall I generally loved it, you recorded yourself being spooked by your kids and you had the sounds like it was just awesome. As my usual quote during my inspiration week, “Give that woman a cookie!” haha

  3. Ien

    Haha a fantastic parody on a classic film. Despite its flaws, I still find the movie creative for making the genre of “found footage” popular. And in some ways, nothing is scarier than children! I love how it cuts short at the end.


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