My Fair Abbey

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As my final project character’s story is evolving, I needed to advance her progress to the next level where she becomes part of a television show loosely based on some of her life experiences.  So, that meant I needed to invent the television show and now you’re all caught up.

I mashed up a movie poster of a “Downton Abbey” spoof I made along with an excerpt from an old movie poster of “My Fair Lady“. I added the production credit in the lower left hand corner to add a touch of authenticity.  The Eliza Doolittle/Audrey Hepburn image is from this poster of the movie that came out in 1964:

I used Photoshop to cut out Eliza, and used the eraser tool to clean up the edges so they’d look good against my black and white Downton Abbey background.  I resized her to fit better, since I’d blown her up to over 300% while doing the pixel eraser work since it always works better to edit while zoomed in and then reduce it later.  I’m particularly pleased with how Eliza Doolittle’s black and white striped sashes and ribbons turned out against the black and white Downton Abbey background, and the pink and red flowers in her hat give just the right amount of color “pop”. That one red flower in her hat points down to the other red element which is the “Carnival” production credit, which ends up balancing the advertisement quite nicely.

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