Mixin’ & Mashin’ – Weeks 13-14 Summary

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What a fun fortnight, re-imagining things as we re-mixed and made mash-ups!  Here’s what I did these last two weeks:

I watched Season 4 episodes 5-10 and summarized them here:

Prezbo’s Game – Season 4 Episodes 5,6,7

Dark Days – Season 4 Episodes 8, 9, 10

I don’t know about you, but after watching all these episodes of The Wire, I feel like this:


4 TDCs ( 2 each week):

Lessons Learned 

Size ds106, Please!


The Thinker vs. Batman

8.5 Stars of Mash-Ups:

Actor Transformation – 4 stars – “Transformation: Kurt Russell”

Movie Mash-up – 4.5 stars – “Breaking Bad on The Wire”

Re-Mix (I pushed the random re-mixer button and got this one!):

Green Eggs & Spam – 5 stars

Final Project – 6 Stars of Assignments from Character’s Point of View:

Before and After“Moving On” – 4 stars

Let’s See Some ID“Leavin’ On A Jet Plane” – 2 stars

These were posted by Bubbles, along with some text posts as well, on Facebook and Twitter

Our re-imagined Bubbles has left the world of pole dancing at Orlando’s and is on her way to England to become an actress. Or whatever.  We’ll see…

I also created two new TDCs:

Make Your Own Coat of Arms

DS106 Stamp It! 

Comments I Made on Blogs:

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